Naga News


            The Director Youth Resources & Sports, Akumla Chuba has informed that the selection for admission into State Sports Academy, Dimapur which was held on February 2019 in Football (boys) disciplines, the following under mentioned candidates have been declared selected for admission to the Sports Academy, Dimapur for the academic session 2019.

Selected Candidates                          Waiting List

  1. VitozouSecu  1. Keyipuakleube
  2. Puloka Swu 2. Hokaho Yep’s
  3. Ozungmen Ozukum 3. Libemo Patton
  4. Pongrun 4. Imlisunep Ao
  5. Imtikumba Jamir 5. Thulunso
  6. Toka Achumi 6. Naiwang Konyak
  7. Tingsak Konyak 7. Toshi Kumzuk
  8. Khrielabeituo Tsira 8. Muthiu
  9. Hivika Zhimo 9. Milento
  10. Mejung Tuba 10. Lazarus Guyla
  11. Sentilong Pongen
  12. Pouchun
  13. Nokhah Konyak
  14. Chingeang Konyak
  15. Visato Nagi

            The selected candidates have been directed to contact the following concern coach, failing which their names will be dropped from the selected list without any prior notice. The candidates are required to report along with necessary bedding and sports related kits. Mughato Ave, Football Coach – 9436619586/9612443985.