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            A meeting on the final publication of Electoral Roll for Mon district with qualifying date 01.01.2019 was held on 10th Jan 2019 at DC Conference Hall Mon in the presence of DC & District Election Officer, Mon Thavaseelan K. IAS, ADC & Electoral Registration Officer Mon, Kumar Ramnikant, IAS Mon and representatives of political parties

            Earlier, notification has been issued by the ERO stated for public information that the list of amendments to the draft electoral roll for the 41-Tizit A/C, 42-Wakching A/C, 43-Tapi A/C. 44-Phomching A/C, 45-Tehok A/C, 46-Mon Town A/C, 47-Aboi A/C, 48-Moka A/C and 55-Tobu A/C has been prepared with reference to 01.01.2019 as the qualifying date and in accordance with the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960.

            Further, ADC & ERO added that a copy of the said roll together with the said list of amendments has been published and will be available for inspection at his office during office hour.

            Deputy Commissioner &District Election Officer, Mon, Thavaseelan K, IAS and ADC & ERO Kumar Ramnikant, IAS handed over the copy of final published Electoral Rolls along with CDs to the representatives of recognized political parties.

                                                                                    (K.K.Chim, IA Mon)