Naga News


            The Longleng District Planning & Development Board meeting was held under the chairmanship of ADC Longleng Temsuwati on 7th December 2018 at the DC’s conference hall, Longleng.

            The chairman welcomes the members and wished advent merry Christmas greeting to all. He introduced new administrative officers of Sakshi and Yachem EAC headquarters followed by review of last DPDB meeting minutes. Asserting that Parliamentary Election is likely to be held at the early part of 2019 the Chairman appealed to all the members to submit the detail list of Government employees of their respective department at the earliest to enable the district administration and the election department to make necessary arrangement in the district and conduct the forthcoming parliamentary election 2019 smoothly in the district.

            Temsuwati also urged the developmental departments and agencies to consult and inform the district administration before initiating any developmental projects within private land to avoid landownership issues and complaint from the private individuals/associations in the future after the establishment of the projects. He further called upon the heads of the departments to submit application to the district administration requesting for surveying of land of the existing Government offices and quarters of all department. He informed that all Government land for office and quarter will be resurvey to avoid encroachment by the private individuals/organizations.

            After deliberation on the fund of the Officers’ Club, Longleng the chairman apprised the members that the Officers’ Club will be made full functional next year after completing the undergoing works. He urged the officers to be a part of the club and avail the opportunity. He asserted that the officers club was organized to create a platform for the officers posted in the district to build a strong and cordial relationship among the officers and get to mingle and interact with one another, promoting a sense of oneness and belonging of working together for the development of the district besides the benefit of physical and mental development through the club.

            The meeting culminated with refreshment and distribution of Christmas cake by the Planning Department.

                                                                                                (DPRO, Longleng)