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DIPR News (15.3.2019)


            In the age of acceleration we cannot stay idle, we have to participate and grow along with it or we will be nowhere said Alemtemshi Jamir IAS (Rtd) speaking at the officers’ conference at the Directorate of Information & Public Relations on 15th March 2019.

            Deliberating on the topic ‘Government media in the age of Acceleration’ Alemtemshi said that the age of acceleration is here to stay and therefore we have to think on how to cope with it. Also stressing on the importance of connectivity he said that everything that is happening globally is also affecting us here in Nagaland. He also that in this age where things are changing fast and we cannot just sit and listen but we should act.

            Jamir said social media has a great power and potential of mobilizing opinion but is not capable of sustaining or arriving at a consensus. He therefore said that finding a solution of how to control the social media and to see that it does not go out of control is another role the department has a part to play. He also stated that one cannot be just mute spectators we have to be alert and start working in disseminating information about important issues that is affecting our society.

            Nagas have to change and move forward as we are now living in the age of acceleration. He therefore opined that nagas should start paying tax and start having ownership in the roads and development. He said that taxation will help the government or people to judge whether a person has wealth disproportionate income.

            Jamir said that media should be ahead, thinking and producing and government media has a big role to play. He added that in the age of acceleration media views should have clarity in the age of confusion and the views should have values in the age of chaos.

            Commissioner & Secretary, IPR, V. Maria Yanthan also addressing the officers’ said that we should keep ourselves up to date as the world is moving in a fast pace. She also reminded the officers that they are the mouth piece of the government and has to play an important role in disseminating information to the people especially at the grassroots level. She also congratulated the department on the naga news app as many rely on the app for news and information. She also said that more of such trainings should be organised in the near future so as to refresh and upgrade the skills of the officers and staffs.

            While speaking about the vision of IPR, APRO Atuzo mentioned that the department should disseminate information by dwelling more into social media through sites like Twitter and Instagram etc. He also stressed on the role the department can play in visual media because of the importance that films and videos have in the society especially among the youths.
He further suggested that the rural sectors have infrastructure set up, like Community Information Centres where they can get up to date information and news and also the importance of human resource management.

                                                                                                (Esuihangle & Takumpula)


            Tobu was declared as aspiration block of Mon district during the Mon district monthly District Planning and Development Board meeting held on 15th March 2019 at DC’s Conference Hall Mon.

            Deputy Commissioner Mon, Thavaseelan K, IAS welcomed newly posted officers and the house recommended creation of Health Care Centre at newly recognized L.Mongnyu village.

            Thavaseelan who is also the District Election Officer, Mon briefed on the importance of the forth coming Lok Sabha elections and directed all officers to be in station. Training would be conducted in three (3) phase, he stated. ADC Mon HQ Hiazu Meru stressed on MCMC for the forthcoming Lok Sabha.

            General Secretary Konyak Union highlighted on Aoleang festival where various events like cultural exhibition, pulling of Log drum, folk dance and songs etc will take place.

            Chief Medical Office Mon Dr. Kechongol Sophie, expressed his gratitude for the successful conduct of polio immunization on 10th March 2019.

                                                                                    (K.K.Chim, IA Mon)


            Kohima District Planning and Development Board meeting was held on 15th March 2019 at DPDB Conference Hall Kohima

            Chairing the meeting, Deputy Commissioner Kohima  Anoop Khinchi, IAS has focused on the attendance related issue of DPDB members, the Deputy Commissioner has requested the members to take the meeting seriously and said, necessary action would be initiated to those regular absentees. He asked the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Industry to present their Departmental activities report in the next DPDB meeting. After the meeting, the members conducted a mock poll as part of the ongoing awareness campaign “KNOW YOUR EVM AND VVPAT”.

                                                                                    (Akamla IA Kohima) 


            ADC & DEO Pughoboto K.Mhathung Tsanglao has directed officials and staff requisitioned as Polling Personnel for Polling Duty to the 17th Lokha Sabha 2019 to attend the training without fail.

            The training for the Presiding Officer & 1st Polling officer and, 2nd & 3rd Polling Officer and Grade IV will be held on 20th March 2019 at 10.00 AM at DB Court, ADC office, and Town hall respectively. No application for exemption will be entertained unless the case is genuine and is approved by the Medical Board constituted by this office, which will be held on 18th & 19th March 2019 in the DB Court ADC office, they are deemed to be on deputation to the Election Commission of India (ECI) and subjected to control, superintendence and discipline of the Election Commission.

                                                                                    (APRO Pughoboto)


            Deputy Commissioner Kiphire, M.Shayung Phom NCS has notified the training schedule for the Presiding & Polling Officers respectively for the conduct of general election to the Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency 2019. The training Scheduled has been fixed in phase wise.   The 1st phase training for the presiding Officers & 1st Polling Officers will be held on 18th March 2019 at Hopongkyu Hall Kiphire at 9.30 am. The 2nd phase training for the 2nd & 3rd Polling Officers will be held on 20th & 21st March 2019 at Government High School Kiphire at 9.30 am the 3rd phase of training for the Presiding Officers & 1st Polling Officers will be Conducting again on 25th & 26th March 2019 at Hopongkyu Hall at 9.30 am and the 4th phase of training for all Polling Officers will be held again on 5th & 6th April 2019 at Government High School Kiphire at 9.30 am.

            In this regard Deputy Commissioner Kiphire, M.Shayung Phom NCS has directed all the Heads of the Offices to guide and inform their respective employees those who are included in the list to attend the training without fail. DC Kiphire also informed that disciplinary action will be initiated as per the provision of Section 134 of Representation of people Act 1951 against the absentees.

                                                                                                (DPRO Kiphire)


            ADC & DEO Pughoboto K. Mhathung Tsanglao has directed all arms licence holders under Pughoboto Sub-Division are directed to deposit their arms in the Police Station Pughoboto or before 18thof March 2019 in view of the elections. Carrying of arms/weapons within Pughoboto Sub Division is strictly prohibited till the election process is over. However, carrying of licensed arms for the purpose of verification or deposition of the same and for uploading in the National Database on Arms Licence (NDAL) is exempted from the preview of this order.


                                                                                                (APRO Pughoboto)


            Deputy Commissioner Kiphire, M.Shayung Phom NCS has notified all the Kiphire District Officer and their establishment staff to be in the station with immediate effect in view of the ensuing General Election to the Lok Sabha for Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency. DC Kiphire also informed that the defaulters will be initiated under appropriate section of Law without any further notice.

                                                                                                (DPRO Kiphire)


            The Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer, Phek, Sachin Jaiswal, IAS has informed that a Control Room in the office of the Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer, Phek is set up for all matters connected with the forthcoming General Elections to Lok Sabha 2019. For any queries one may contact at the given Numbers.

Email               :

Landline No.   : 03865-223060

Mobile No.      : 7005044909

                                                                                                (DPRO Phek)


            ADC & DEO Pughoboto, K. Mhathung Tsanglao in a notification informed that in view of the upcoming General Election to Lok Sabha 2019, a Medical Board has been constituted to look into the application for exemption from Election Duty on medical reason and also to look into the welfare of the polling personnel/CAPF on Election Duty.

            The examination of applicants for exemption on medial ground will be conducted on 18th and 19th March 2019 from 11:00 am onwards in the office of the ADC & DEO Pughoboto. Therefore all applicants are directed to report to the Medical Board without fail. No exemption request will be entertained after this.

  1. Dr. Philip Kent, SMO, CHC, Pughoboto             –           Convenor
  2. Dr. Alvis A. Chikhe, MO, CHC Pughoboto             –           Member
  3. Dr. Khriekuolie Liezietsu, MO, PHC, Ghathashi –           Member
  4. Luchui Fithu, EAC, Pughoboto –           Member

                                                                                    (APRO Pughoboto)


            The District Election Officer and Assistant Returning Officer Mon, Thavaseelan K, IAS briefed media personnel on 14th March 2019 at his office chamber on matters related to the general preparedness of the election machinery for the upcoming General Election to the Lok Sabha 2019.

            Thavaseelan informed that the flying squads is already operational and that static surveillance teams will be placed soon.

            Thavaseelan stated that of the 237 polling stations in Mon district, there are 93 Polling Stations (PS) which falls under P-2. P-2 are those PS located in interior area of the district and where the polling personnel have to go two (2) days in advance before the polling day.

            He also emphasized on the C-VIGIL App or Vigilant Citizens, an innovative mobile application that can be downloaded from Google play store to report on the violation of Model code of Conduct and expenditure during the elections; from the date of notification for election. The uniqueness of this app is that it only allows live photo/video with auto location capture from within the app to ensure digital evidence for flying squads to act upon in time bound manner, he added.

            He also deliberated on the Voter Helpline App, where citizens can obtain information about his/her voter details in the electoral roll, check for the status of enrollment application etc.

            He also informed that live web cam will be installed at selected PS, where internet connectivity is available and offline videography taken where internet is not feasible for free and fair conduct of the election. He further highlighted on the process of randomization of the EVMs, monitoring of paid news/advertisements, advertisement in social media and training schedules of the Polling personnel.

                                                                                                (K.K.Chim, IA Mon)