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DIPR Naga News (8.8.2019)


            On the second day of the fourth session of 13th Assembly today, 8th August, 2019, Minister of Higher & Technical Education, Temjen Imna Along laid on the table a statement in fulfillment of the assurance in reply to a supplementary question raised by MLA Dr. Chotisuh Sazo regarding the total number of posts sanctioned against Polytechnic College, Tsunazho and Chetheba.

            Consideration and passing of government bills included the Nagaland Protection of interest for Depositors in the Financial establishment, (Amendment) Bill 2018, Amity university Nagaland Act 2011 (Repeal) Bill 2019. Presentation of various assembly committee reports were tabled by Chairman of the Committee on public undertakings Dr. Neikiesalie Nicky. Chairman of the committee on estimate (2019-2020), Dr. Longrineken presented a copy each on 132nd report on action taken on the observation and recommendation contained pertaining to school education, 133rd report on action taken with regard to Health & Family Welfare department, 134th report of the committee on estimate of Horticulture and 135th report on action taken pertaining of department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry.

            During the question hour, replying to a starred question raised by MLA Yitachu, Deputy Chief Minister Yanthungo Patton informed the house that there were complaints on the issue of expulsion under Meluri Area Public organization for voting and not voting in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election and added that no authority has the right to expel any citizen for exercising his/her electoral franchise and therefore if found true, necessary action can be initiated under the relevant provision of laws.

            On the question put forward by MLA Er. Picto Shohe Minister for Transport Civil Aviation and Railways, Land Resources, P. Paiwang Konyak replied that veterinary doctor is posted at Veterinary dispensary Atoizu who is also given the additional charge to look after the Saptiqa. He also added that the government is contemplating to establish VHC at Mithun project under Rotomi village and the proposal is under process.

            Replying to starred question asked by MLA Dr. Chotisuh Sazo on the amount sanctioned for the improvement of District Capital Roads, Dy. Chief Minister (Roads & Bridges), Y. Patton replied that Rs.50 crore was sanctioned during 2018-19 and no amount has been sanctioned for the improvement of sub-divisional headquarters roads.

            Replying to a question on the amount the State Government received during 2018-19 and 2019-20 against the backlog of Rs. 836 crores under SPA, Minister for Planning & Coordination, Neiba Kronu said against the backlog of Rs. 863.94 crores, the State Government received Rs. 226.80 crores during 2018-19 under SPA and no fund was received for the 2019-20. He further replied that the amount of Rs. 226.80 crores was allocated to various departments as sanctioned by the Ministry of Finance as follows; construction of 20 MVA 66/11KV S/S at Sovima with associated Transmission line at 2.90 crores, Tsutsung HEP, Mokokchung at 2.71 crores, construction of additional 25 MVA 132/33 at S/S Kohima at 2.51 crores, Directorate of School Education, Phase II at 3.57 crores, Establishment of State Sericulture Farmers’ Training Centre, Dimapur at 1.12 crores, 13th IR Battalion, Yachang Mokokchung at 77.79 crores, 12th IR Battalion, Chingtok, Longleng at 82.06 crores, 10th NAP (IR) Bn. Hq. Zhadima at 46.47 crores and installation of Astro Turf at IG stadium, Kohima at 2.68 crores.

            Replying to a starred question asked by MLA Dr. Chotisuh Sazo on the number of Local (Naga) language approved for taking up in the school upto class X and above, Leader of the House, Neiphiu Rio replied that four naga local dialects were approved and 18 local dialects were approved upto elementary school level as a subject. On tribal literature board seeking government approval for their languages to be taken up in the secondary school level, Rio said there are 13 such as Chang, Chokri (Chakhesang), Khezha (Chakhesang), Pochury, Sangtam, Yimchunger, Khiamniungan, Phom, Konyak, Rengma, Zeme (Zeliang), Liangmai (Zeliang) and Kuki. He also said that the government is setting up an Institute of Naga languages (within the Directorate of School Education) to look into such aspects. However, a definite time frame cannot be made at this juncture, he added.

            Replying to a supplementary question raised by MLA Kuzholuzo Nienu on how much funds are being provided by the Government of India for promotion of Tribal Language & Research, Advisor School Education, K.T. Sukhalu said no fund is provided by the Government of India for promotion of Tribal Language & Research. On inclusion of Tribal Languages yet to be included the leader of the House, Neiphiu Rio assured that those languages which are yet to be included will be studied and included, he stated.

            The last day (ie) 8th August 2019 of the fourth session of the 13th Assembly session witnessed passing of government bills, presentation of various committee reports, starred question, discussion and suggestion from the opposition bench on matters of urgent public importance, discussion on the Registration of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) and Inner line permit (ILP).

            Speaker NLA, Vikho-o Yhoshu thanked all the members, specially from the opposition bench, for the constructive suggestions, all the HoDs, AHoDs, Police, Administration and Media for successfully completing the session. After finishing all the list of business for the fourth session of 13th Assembly, the Speaker adjourned the house sine die.

                                                                                                (Nongozo & Temjenkaba)


            Participating in the discussion on matters of urgent public importance under rule- 50, Minister PHED, Jacob Zhimomi said as far as RIIN issue is concerned, all the members are unanimous including the NGOs, Tribal Hohos and Civil Society Organisations. He said it has both merits and demerits yet merits supersede demerits.” Once it is implemented in toto, RIIN could do away with pilferages in our State by way of giving opportunity to our local entrepreneurs and engaging them in developmental activities in our state, he said. It will also give effective administration and planning since the administrators and planners will get to know the exact data from this exercise, he added.

            MLA, Chumben Murry while participating in the debate stated that Nagas as indigenous people is not well documented. He said RIIN and ILP are two different things which are totally different from each other, elaborating that RIIN will identify us based on certain criteria whereas ILP is more or less like a travel document which enables law abiding citizens to come and stay for a while. He also mentioned that other important factors ought to be spelled out so that no one is neglected in the exercise of RIIN.

            Chumben also suggested the Government to observe World Indigenous Day which is being celebrated every year on 9th August.

            Advisor ITC & NRE, Mhonlumo Kikon said implementation of Inner Line Permit in Dimapur district has necessitated the Registration of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland. He raised the idea of IT- Based ILP system in the State. He said RIIN is important at this juncture because of the unemployment problem and on the other, the inflow of illegal migrants is eating job opportunity in the private sector.

            MLA, Yitachu said RIIN and ILP are two different subjects which cannot be clubbed together. Tribal areas have to be protected and its unique customary laws and practices cannot be infringed adding that people and their lands cannot be isolated.

            Minister Agriculture & Cooperation, Kaito Aye said that there is nothing wrong in knowing the exact number of nagas of Nagaland. Therefore, he urged all the members including the Civil Society Organisations to come forward and support this exercise.

            Advisor IPR, SCERT & HGs, Toshi Wungtung said that the exercise of RIIN is to bring accountability and responsibility of the governance in any form of dispensation. It identifies citizens in a proper manner for which the government is taking adequate measures in order to overcome unwanted issues in the course of its implementation. He also added that RIIN will give effective route for implementation of ILP.

            MLA, Moatoshi while participating in the debate opined that all trade licenses be cancelled within a fixed period of time and further no issue of fresh license, vendors  of bonafide Indian citizens should have license from the competent authority, no tenancy and restriction of employment to illegal migrants.

            Leader of opposition, T.R. Zeliang while summing up on behalf of the opposition stated that the issue should be deliberated at length before implementation. Creation of RIIN with 1963 as the basis of categorisation without indigenous naga being well defined would only victimise certain sections of people, he said. He also suggested bifurcation of RIIN with ILP and reiterated that proper modalities should be worked out with no hue and cry. He further urged the government to implement ILP in Dimapur district with the same stringent action as in other districts saying that it is only to identify non- tribals and non-nagas.

            Leader of the House, Neiphiu Rio while replying and expressing government’s stand on this issue lamented that it is unfortunate as the opposition members did not turn up for the consultative meeting on RIIN, when all the Tribal Hohos, NGOs and CSOs were present and extended their support on this exercise. He sought opinions and constructive criticisms from all sections of the people including from the legislators. He urged all the stakeholders to come forward and support this exercise as it is important not only for our present generation but also for the coming generations as well, he added.

            Commission has been set up in regard to this issue where the members will thoroughly examine the matter and give recommendations/report to the government. The leader of the house also assured that the commission will go into the details and make sure that corrective measures over earlier notifications are taken. He also said that in the consultative meeting, all the tribal hohos, NGOs and CSOs endorsed the decision of the government and extended their support on the exercise of RIIN.  However, they also cautioned that proper modalities should be worked out based on customary laws and practices practiced by their own respective tribes, he mentioned.

                                                                                                (Nongozo & Temjenkaba)



            Secretary, Ministry of DoNER, Inder Jit Singh along with Joint secretary DoNER, S.L Meena and Planning Advisor, C.H. Kharshiing undertook site inspection on the projects funded by the Ministry of DoNER including NEC Schemes on 8th August, 2019 in Kohima.

            During their visit, the team inspected the project sites at GIS & Remote Sensing Centre. The Centre gave a power point presentation of their completed projects, highlighted their works and also expressed their grievances.  Later the team visited Rutsa Multipurpose Irrigation project and Rani Gaidinliu Library cum memorial museum, The Secretary urged the contractor of Rani Gaidinliu Library cum Museum project to resume work and assured his assistance.

            Earlier the team also visited Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio and had a positive discussion on matters related to socio-economic development of the State.

                                                                                                (Atuzo APRO, Tovikali IA)


            The Governor of Nagaland, R.N. Ravi called on the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi on 8th August 2019. The Governor briefed the Prime Minister on matters regard to Nagaland during their meeting. This was his first meeting with the Prime Minister in the capacity of the Governor of Nagaland.

                                                                                                (PRO, Raj Bhavan)


            The Department of Horticulture, Kohima in collaboration with Saveer Biotech Limited, New Delhi and Megha Star Agro-Hortitech Pvt. Ltd, Guwahati and sponsored by Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH), Ministry of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, organized a Training on Cultivation and Management of Flowers and Vegetable under Protected Condition at Directorate of Horticulture on 8th August 2019 with Dr. Hemant Kumar Mahure, Floriculturist, Saveer Biotech Limited, New Delhi as the resource person.

            Additional Director, Horticulture, Qhutovi Wotsa, while delivering the keynote address said, the two days training is being organized since many of the people in our state love flowers and he hoped that the training would benefit the trainees.  He added, the love of flowers has prevailed from olden days but now, the love of flowers has led to a flower industry which earns billions of dollars and also creates job avenues around the world.

            He said, our state too has a lot of potentials to set up flower industries due to the suitable climate conditions to grow flowers and also the potential for marketing since our state celebrates different cultural festivals all year round and also during different celebrations.  He also added that these industries can create job avenues and generate marketing avenues for export too.

            Qhutovi Wotsa, while sharing the strategies with the floriculturists, said they should know about growing and cultivating different flowers according to its seasons, time of harvest, type of climate for different flowers, care from pest and diseases and also the method of preserving the freshness of cut flowers during exporting and the demand for the type of flowers in one’s locality etc.

                                                                                                (Maongtemjen & Moamenla)



            District Planning and Development Board of Zunheboto recommended the setting up Police outpost at KPA and NPSC exam centre at Zunheboto

            The District Planning and Development Board of Zunheboto deliberated and recommended to set up Police out post at Khelhoshe Polytechnics Akuluto and NPSC exam centre at Zunheboto. This was agreed upon and recommended by the board during the monthly DPDB meeting held on 8th August 2019 at DC Conference Hall.

            The board also deliberated and recommended the following matters which were brought before the board:

1) setting up of  Awotsakilimi Sub-centre.

2) Setting up Sub-centre at Kulhopu Village.

3) Establishment of SDO soil office at Akuluto Sub-Division.

4) Registration of Society for Prevention of cruelty to Animals

5) construction of Circular Road from Judicial office to PWD office Zunheboto.

            Agenda regarding establishment of Information Assistant office at Akuluto was deferred to next board meeting.

            The meeting was chaired by the Vice Chairman & Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto, Peter Lichamo. He encouraged the members to be sincere and to attend the Board meetings regularly. He also informed the members that in commemoration of the Independence Day there will be social work on 10th August 2019 commencing from 7 am onwards. In this respect the DC asked all the concerned department to keep all the necessary machineries ready.

            Besides the DC informed the members to submit departmental profile within this month.

                                                                                                (DPRO Zunheboto)


            The Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie NCS has informed that in connection with the Electors Verification Programme (EVP) and as part of the pre-revision exercise, a meeting with the representatives of political parties will be held on 13th August, 2019 at 2:00 PM in the Office Chamber of the Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer,  Kohima.

            In this connection, the DC & DEO Kohima has requested all concerned to make it convenient to attend the meeting without fail.

                                                                                                (DPRO, Kohima)



            District and development board meeting held at DC Conference Hall Tuensang on 8th of August 2019. The meeting was chaired by Mohammed Ali Shihab, DC and Vice Chairman DP&DB Tuensang.

            The meeting discussed the planning and work distribution for the forthcoming Independence Day celebration programme.

                                                                                                (Thungti Chang, IA Tuensang) 


            In connection with the ensuing Special Summary Revision of photo electoral rolls w.r.t 01-01-2020 as the qualifying date and as part of the pre-revision activities, a training for the Supervisors and BLOs will be held on 13thAugust, 2019 as per the following schedule :-

            The training for Supervisors and BLOs of 8 western Angami AC; 14 Southern Angami AC; 11 Northern Angami II AC:  PS Nos 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 39 and 12 Tseminyu AC: PS Nos. 22, 23, 25, 26 and 32 will be held at 10:00 AM in the Conference Hall of Deputy Commissioner Kohima. And for 9 Kohima Town AC and 10 Northern Angami I AC at 12:00 PM in the DC’s Conference Hall, Kohima.

            Supervisors & BLOs of 11 Northern Angami II AC (Except PS Nos. 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 39) at 11:00 AM in ADC‘s Office Chiephobozou. For 12 Tseminyu AC (Except PS Nos. 22, 23, 25, 26 and 32) training will be held at 11:00 AM in ADC’s Office Tseminyu and for  15 Southern Angami II AC it will be held at 11:30 AM  in EAC’s Office Kezocha.

            In this connection, DC & DEO Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie NCS has directed all concerned to attend the training without fail. He also directed all concerned AEROs to submit training report along with attendance and photographs for compilation and onward submission to the CEO Nagaland.

                                                                                                (DPRO Kohima)


            Chairperson, Nagaland State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Awan Konyak launched ‘Open House’, a pilot initiative of the Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) on 3rd August 2019 at the Town Council Hall in Mon.

            During the launch programme, Awan Konyak said that the initiative taken by TaFMA will help to hand pick, nurture and provide a platform for all the talented people in every nook and corner of Nagaland in the field of Music and Arts. She also said that the TaFMA is the brainchild of Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio and thanked the TaFMA for the privilege given to Mon district for the launch of the Open House initiative for the whole state.

            Advisor TaFMA, Theja Meru stated that the ‘Open House’ is a new concept to promote musicians at the grass root level in a mini concert set up, to nurture new talent and also to provide a platform for Musicians of all ages and genre. TaFMA is an initiative of the Chief Minister of Nagaland and is all-inclusive. It just does not focus on Music but also all other arts. Theja Meru lauded the people of Mon district for entering in the Guinness Book of World Records. The impressive display by about 5000 Konyak Women is something that will inspire Nagas for ages to come, he added.

            Deputy Commissioner Mon, Thavaseelan K, IAS in his speech thanked TaFMA for launching Open House in Mon for the whole state. He added that TaFMA is a brilliant initiative by the Chief Minister and the Government to boost the morale of the artists in various fields. There will now be a much needed impetus on not just Music but also all other arts. DC stated that the Open House is an initiative that is being launched by TaFMA in order to showcase not just talented musicians but also singers, dancers, authors etc. He indicated that the Open House will be organized every month and a request has been made to TaFMA to allow it to happen in sub divisions as well in addition to district headquarters.

            Music Task Force was rebranded as TaFMA as per the vision of the Government of Nagaland to revamp and give new direction to the music industry and other art forms. The vision of Open House is to organise a monthly event to promote musicians of all genres of Rock, Pop, Fusion, Folk, and Dance & other art forms. Talented artists from the district level would then get a chance to perform at the state level.

            Various artists performed songs, showcased dances and guitar recitation during the launch programme. The event was attended by a host of dignitaries, public leaders and artists.

                                                                                                (K.K. Chim, IA Mon)


            A meeting on issues regarding sanitation, dumping ground and laying of optical fibre cables along the main roads was held on 7th August 2019 with the Deputy Commissioner Tuensang, Mohammad Ali IAS as the chairman and attended by the representatives of Tuensang Town All Wards Union (TTAWU).

            Digging of roads on account of the ongoing laying of optic fibre cables have compounded the woes of the citizens especially due to the slush created by the loose soil during the monsoon rains and in the absence of foot paths. While highlighting the ongoing works DC Tuensang said that the works are part of the National Optical Fibre Network and also pointing out the responsibility of all stakeholders, and the citizens as a whole to ensure that the works are being done properly, according to specifications. In regards to this he called upon for a committee to be convened comprising of N. Orenthung Kikon NCS (P) EAC Tuensang HQ, Tochi Chang TTAWU President and representatives of the Wards to ensure vigilance over quality work.

            On the garbage dumping site, it was expressed that not only it is a sore sight for any visitor /traveller but it also poses a serious threat for health hazard. A unanimous resolution by the TTAWU demanding shifting of the garbage dumping ground at the earliest was also passed. The shortage of garbage collection vehicles and issues regarding maintenance and upkeep of the same were also discussed in the house. Discussions were also held to identify most vulnerable and affected areas within each ward with regards to natural disaster.

            It was also suggested that there should be an incharge with regards to sanitation in every sector with each Ward. The DC in conclusion suggested the TTAWU President to compile all findings with regard to Urban Civic issues and present it to the ADC Tuensang who is also in – charge of the TTC, to be forwarded to the Urban Development Department /NSDMA/Municipal Affairs Department and the same to be brought to the notice of the DPDB Chairman and the Deputy Commissioner.

                                                                                                (DPRO Tuensang) 


            Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Day programme was held at Panchayat Hall Totok Chingnyu Village under Mon Block on 7th August 2019 under the theme, exclusive breastfeeding, polio and ANC.

            CDPO, Social Welfare Department, Mon T.Yanlem spoke on Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyaan where he said that Nutrition Mission will address malnourishment and the targeted beneficiaries will be the children in the age group of 0-6 years, pregnant & lactating women and Adolescent girls. The National Nutrition Mission is focus to prevent and reduce under-nutrition and stunting in children and to reduce the prevalence of anemia among young children, women and adolescent girls, he added.

            Medical Officer Mon, Dr. Elizabeth spoke on the importance of Ante Natal check-up (ANC) and polio immunization programme during the day.

            ASHA worker M.Poungyon spoke on the topic important of Exclusive Breastfeeding where she stressed on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of the child health.  She also shared on the harmful effect of giving a child anything other than breast milk during the first six months.

            The programme was organised under the aegis of Poshan Abhiyaan in all the anganwati centres under Mon block as per the Mon block convergence plan activities on poshan.

                                                                                                (K.K. Chim, IA Mon)



            In continuation with the observation of ORS and breastfeeding week. National Nutrition Day was celebrated at Tuensang District on 7th August 2019. Department of Social Welfare (ICDS), in collaboration the Department of Health & Family Welfare (NHM) organized a Nutrition Day at St John A (I & II) and Ngeklangbou Ward Anganwadi Centre Tuensang.

            The programme focused on the importance of nutrition for children and mothers. Problems of diarrhea among the 0 to 6 years child and thereof supplementation of ORS and its importance during the diarrhea was addressed by P.H. Ramaikalo, SBP Tuensang.

            Focusing more on hygiene, Hosea and his team highlighted on hygiene and demonstrated steps for washing hands among the children and lactating mothers. The team also, mentioned about the National De-Worming Day and its negative insights among the children and to prevent from this worm. The programme was attended by more than 150 pupil which culminated with the distribution of Anganwadi Nutritional Supplementation among the children.

                                                                                                (Thungti Chang, IA Tuensang)


            Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Wokha, K.Mhathung Tsanglao inform all concerned that the ADC and Electoral Registration Officer, Wokha has conveyed meeting with all Political Parties under Wokha District on 13th August 2019 at 12:00 noon at DC conference hall in regard with the upcoming Electoral Verification Programme (EVP) and special summary Revision w.r.t 01.01.2020.

            In this regard all political parties under Wokha district are requested to attend the said meeting without fail.

                                                                                                (Zubenthung, IA Wokha)


            Deputy Commissioner, Wokha Dr. Manazir Jeelani Samoon, IAS has informed that in view of the forthcoming Independence Day celebration 2019, a mass social work will be conducted on 10th August 2019 from 6:00 AM.

            Therefore, all wards colony functionaries, Government Offices and private institutions have been directed to mobilize the citizens/staffs of their respective wards, colony’s, Offices, institutions and organize social work on 10th August 2019.

                                                                                                (Zubenthung, IA Wokha)


            State Level Sensitization on scholarship Scheme held at GHSS Auditorium Tuensang on 8th August 2019. The programme was sponsored by DSE Nagaland and organized by DEO Tuensang. Sakuyuden, Asstt. Supdt was the resource person while Zurhetho Nyuthe was the Special educator of the programme. The training was attended by teachers of both private and government schools of the district.

            The resource person deliberated on PMS minority/NGSSMA and PMS-ST Students for class IX &X, processes for filling up of the scholarship and its eligibility criteria. The confusions on fresh and renewal applicants and processed was also discussed. On PMSC for ST studying in class IX and X its objectives, condition of eligibility and filling up procedure were also discussed.

            Chuba Sashi, SSA gave the welcome note while Imkongchuba RMSA concluded the training with a vote of thanks.

                                                                                                (Thungti Chang, IA Tuensang)


            General Provident Fund (GPF) Rule 11, provides that the Government shall pay the due interest as per prescribed rate pertaining to each year to the subscriber account. As per the Government accounting Rules 1990, the accrued interest should be paid from the Consolidated Fund of the State (2049-Interest payment-01 Interest on PF) and should be transferred to the Public Account of the State (8009-GPF-02-Gr.D). This should be done with prior sanction of the state Finance Department by every Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) who maintains Gr.IV GPF ledger account. Monthly Accounts of the respective Treasuries pertaining to each year should exhibit the total amount debited to 2049-lnterest and credited to 8009-GPF and ‘Nil’ payment voucher accordingly should be furnished by the Treasuries to the Principal Accountant General (A&E) office for proper accounting.

            The Finance Department Budget & Monitoring Cell therefore has asked all Heads of Departments (HoDs) and DDOs to furnish the data to Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Nagaland, Kohima, once in a financial year starting from 2019-20 onwards through their respective Treasuries as per above provisions with a copy to the Principal Director, Treasuries and Accounts, Nagaland starting from 2019-20. Further, the HoDs and DDOs should provide the figure pertaining to interest payment made during 2018-19 on GPF Gr.IV account to the Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Nagaland, Kohima immediately for incorporation in the Annual Accounts of 2018-19 of the Government of Nagaland.



            Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto has informed all head of offices, sector GBs, schools and colleges in Zunheboto district that in view of the Independence Day Celebration on 15th August 2019, there will be Mass Social work on 10th August 2019 commencing from 7 am onwards. In this regard, the Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto Peter Lichamo has appealed all concern to take part in the mass social work.

                                                                                                (DPRO Zunheboto)


            The Leangkonger village celebrated Metumneo cum Fair on 8th August, 2019 with Special Feast Guest, ADC Shamator, Lankonsen Tsanglao Lotha.

            Speaking on the occasion L.K. Lotha appreciated the organiser and village elders and leaders for preserving cultural identity and its importance. The significance of Metumneo was highlighted by Kheantsu Yimchunger Hd. GB Leangkonger village.

            Modern Ethnic Fashion Show and postharvest organic agri products fair were the other highlights of the celebration.

                                                                                                (Shahoto, IA Shamator)


            Deputy Commissioner Phek, Sachin Jaiswal, IAS informed that in view of the forthcoming Independence Day 2019, mass social work will be held on 13th Aug 2019 starting from 6: 00 AM onwards.

            Therefore, DC Phek has requested all Departments in the District to comply with the order and conduct social work in their respective offices and location. Further, action taken report with attendance sheet shall be submitted to this office.

            Department wise work distribution

Sl. No. Location Department Officer-in-Charge
1 NAP Camp to Clock Tower 5th NAP Bn. Phek, ITI, DSJ (Jail) Dy. Commandant, 5th NAP, Phek
2 Clock Tower to Medical Junction NST, MS, CMO (Medical), NSCB, DWO (Welfare), SDO (Statistical) Vithwel Kweho, EAC (P)

Sizin Renttah, EAC (P)

3 Medical Junction to DC Office Junction Treasury, DFO (Fishery), ADS (Supply), DTO (Transport), AME (Mech.), PWD (h), Supdt. of Taxes, Excise SDO (Civil), hq. Phek
4 DC Office Junction to Petrol Pump DC Office, DHO (Horti), DLO (Labour), SDO (Seri), GHSS, DEO (Edn.) AEO (Election), LMCP, LRSO, NIC, SDE (BSNL), DPO (Planning) SDO (Sadar), Phek
5 DC Office Junction to Bible Hill Via Mission Compound DEO (employment), DPRO, DRDA, ARCS, EE (Power), Irrigation, DEO (Evaluation), DISCO (Soil), DAO (Agri), EE PWD (R&B), CAWD, FM (DIC), DSO (Sports), Youth Resources EAC, hq. Phek
  Petrol Pump to Bible Hill Junction DEF, PHED, Home Guards, Fire & Emergency Service Office Superintendent, Phek
  Bible Hill Junction to Forest Colony DFO (Forest), DVO (Vety.), PGC, BDO, Land Resources, UDO (Urban) PA to DC, Phek

            Departments not in the above list will join Sl.No. 4 (DC Office Junction to Petrol Pump)

All Colonies Ward Chairman/GB have been asked to conduct social work in their respective jurisdiction.

                                                                                                (Kedutsho, IA Phek)