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DIPR Naga News (6.4.2019)


            CEO, KET & KET Trustees, Sylvia May conveying her message at the scholarship award 2019 ceremony held at The Heritage, Kohima on 6th April 2019 said that she was delighted to join the event and thanked the Kohima Educational Society for the tremendous hard work. She highlighted a brief history of KET/KES set up and stated that KET was initiated by her father, Gordon Graham, one of the founding members of KET, who was a huge believer in the importance of education and worked his whole life as an educational publisher and absolutely believed that one should all be learners throughout their lives so that we are equipped to put this knowledge back into society.

            She cited that they could do most by helping young Nagas with their education assisting in some way with school fees, or books, or uniforms, or entrance other cost associated with getting an education and also added that Nagaland will develop more strongly with talent and commitment.

            Tomugha Awomi KET Scholar 2015 expressed his gratitude towards the sponsors on behalf of all the recipients

            KET Scholar award 2019 was awarded to a total number of 360 students from various schools sponsored by individuals, institution, organisations and KET where 135 of the total have been newly registered for the Scholarship.

                                                                                    (Siizo Kikhi IA)


            To improve tourism and help promote entrepreneurs in eco-tourism as tour guides two days training was held for the youth of Southern Angami area on 5th and 6th April, 2019 at John Government Higher Secondary School, Viswema. A host of experts in the field of tourism, art & culture, bio resource experts imparted training to the youth.

            The training was initiated by the Southern Angami Youth Organisation in collaboration with Tourism department. Southern Angami area being one of the most popular tourists destination in the state with Dzükou valley and Kisama under this area, the training was provided to enhance and boost tourism and also to assist and provide better services to the tourist.

            Deputy Director, Tourism, V. Doulo highlighted the tourism prospects and initiatives of the government and encouraged the trainees to ‘learn and have an indepth knowledge about one’s resources, culture which will further fuel interest to preserve and promote tourism.’ He also stressed on the need for complete ban on hunting and the need to be vigilant about bio-resource theft.

            Rtd. Director, Art & Culture, Vilalhou Noudi, imparted the trainees in the knowledge of traditional motifs and traditional arts, their symbolic representation and significance such as the Mithun head- on village gates and house fronts signifying wealth and prosperity, human head – power and prosperity, hornbill- bravery and success in warfare and other activities, tiger- great spirit and ability, moon- represented by circles of black and white signifying time, season and security.

            Butterfly specialist, Thetsolo Naro enlightened the trainees on the emerging trends in Lepidoptrology (study of butterfly). Naro has been researching on butterflies of Naga Hills since 2011 and till now have recorded 250 species of butterflies. She added that the presence of butterflies in Kohima such as Bhutan Glory, Great Spotted Blue, Naga Sapphire, Blue Duke, French Duke etc can promote butterfly watching in the area.

            Trainees were also imparted training on ‘Tourism and Guiding Etiquettes’ by resource persons Veteu Koza, ‘Techniques of Tour Guiding, handling guest properly’ by Kejaroko Pieru, ‘Tourism and Environment- Preservation and sustainability’ by Dr. Akho Yhokha, ‘Waste Management’ by Thangi Manen, ‘Career prospect as Tourist Guide’ by Rohan Abraham, ‘Destinations in Nagaland’ by David Solo and practical sessions were led by Nyuretho and Moa Sangtam.

                                                                                    (Nouneseno, IA Jakhama)


            A mobile van set up with posters, pamphlet and also equipped with P.A. system for playing district theme song “Be the One” has been on the move in and around the district to create awareness on ‘Clean Elections’ since 30th March 2019. The awareness campaign was organised under the Kohima district SVEEP campaign with its main objective to reach out every eligible voters to vote right as per the guidelines given by the Election Commission of India (ECI).

            The mobile van has covered Kezocha EAC circle area on 1st April and Kohima town on 2nd April with the motorcycle rally. On 4th April it has covered ADC Chiephobozou area and Botsa EAC circle area and on 5th April it has covered Kohima village, Secretariat area and some town areas. The mobile van awareness campaign culminated on 6th April 2019 covering different colonies which included NHAK, Agri, Jail, Ministers Hill, Mohonkhola, Chandmari and Lerei.

                                                                                     (DPRO Kohima)


            Secretary, Social Welfare & Accessibility Observer of Lok Sabha Election 2019 Sarah R. Ritse visited Kiphire on 6th April 2019. She interacted with the district Administration and visited some polling stations around Kiphire town and inspected the places where the Persons with Disability (PWD) can come comfortably to cast their votes.

            Accessibility Observer asked the District Administration to take welfare measures for persons with Disability (PWD) so as to give equal opportunity to all. Sarah R.Ritse stated that providing a better platform in the polling stations for the disabled will also increase the public confidence.

                                                                                    (DPRO Kiphire)


            Third and final Round of training for Presiding Officers and 1st Polling Officers for the forthcoming Lok Sabha election was held on 6th April 2019 at Council Hall, Mon.

            Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer Mon, Thavaseelan K, IAS while addressing the trainees requested the polling Officers to clarify and clear their doubts before going for the poll. He also explained the importance of Pole Star App and their uses.

            DC requested the trainees to be trained properly on operation method and the uses of EVM, VVPAT, Control Unit in order to avoid unnecessary failures during the time of  poll day. He also spoke on the importance of Mock Poll and reminded the Polling Officers to follow the procedure and clear up before the actual poll starts.  He also emphasized on web casting and Offline Videography. He informed that hands on training of EVM & VVPAT will continue at DRDA Conference Hall.

            Additional Deputy Commissioner Mon, Hiazu Mero while addressing the trainees said that the polling officers are the core of the election processes. He advised the trainers to use application of mind along with the knowledge imparted during the time of training and also requests the trainers to read the manual thoroughly.

            The third round of training for 2nd and 3rd Polling Officers will be held on 8th April 2019 at Council Hall, Mon.

                                                                                    (K.K.Chim, IA Mon)


            DC Tuensang, Mohammad Ali Shihab, IAS conducted a meeting with Law and Order agency in his office chamber on 6th April 2019. He briefed about law and order in and around Tuensang during the polling day. The DC also asked the agencies to give ample security and duty in those vulnerable polling stations and video broadcasting in sensitive polling areas. He called upon all different security agencies to come together as one to secure a free and fair election.

                                                                                     (DPRO Tuensang) 


            The SVEEP cum Signature Campaign at Peren was organised by District Election Office Peren in collaboration with Peren Students’ Union at Town Square on 6th April, 2019.

            In the slogan competition Peidolungle, Class XII from Government Higher Secondary School, Katenamga, Class X, Government Higher Secondary School and Ingenlung, Class IX, All Saints Higher Secondary School, Peren bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

            Deputy Commissioner (DC) & District Election Officer (DEO) and Assistant Returning Officer, Peren, Sarita Yadav, IAS and Damwiliu District Icon delivered the message on SVEEP and ethical voting. DC & DEO gave away the prizes to the winners.

            EVM demonstration was done by Sukhalu Chishi, EAC Peren. EPIC voter slip awareness was presented by Toshimongba Longchar, AEO. The signature campaign was led by DC and DEO, Sarita Yadav, IAS.

                                                                                    (DPRO, Kiso & Shahlong, IA Peren)


            The first and second supplementary randomization and commissioning of EVMs (Control units, ballot units and VVPATs) was held at Phek DC office conference hall on 6th April 2019.

            Political parties were also presented at the venue. Commissioning of machines will be held on 8th April 2019 at DC’s conference hall.

                                                                                    (DPRO & IA Phek)


            Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Dr. Manazir Jeelani Samoon, IAS informed all the concerned polling officials who have applied for Election Duty Certificate (EDC) for the ensuing Lok Sabha elections under Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency are hereby informed to collect EDC in form 12B from the EDC Facilitation Centre, Office of the Deputy Commissioner and District Officer, Wokha starting from the 6th of April positively.

            Further, some applications in Form 12 A have been rejected both from within and outside the district as credentials of the concern applicants could not be located in the latest e-roll.

                                                                                    (DPRO Wokha)


            Deputy Commissioner and DEO Zunheboto, Shanavas C, IAS in a notification has informed all the heads of offices of various departments under Zunheboto district that for the third and final phase of combined election training of all the polling personnel will be held Assembly Constituency segment wise on 8th April 2019 at Town Hall, Zunheboto.

            Therefore, in order to ensure cent percent participation and attendance it is directed to all the head of offices to take personal interest in the disseminating the training programme well ahead of time to their respective Officers and staff requisitioned for poling duties.

                                                                        (DPRO & IA, Zunheboto/Suruhuto)


            In connection with Bye-Election to Nagaland Legislative Assembly, 26-Aonglenden (ST) A/C Mokokchung, 2019 the DC & ARO Longleng, John Tsulise Sangtam has informed all the eligible voters to exercise their franchise via Postal Ballot  at the EDC/PB Facilitation Centre, office of the Deputy Commissioner, Longleng on 7th April 2019 between 9 Am to 12 noon.

                                                                                    (DPRO, Longleng) 


            A mass rally for clean election campaign for the citizen of Longleng district was held at local ground, Longleng on 5th April 2019, the program was organized by the Phom Baptist Church Association (PBCA)

            Speaking on the voice of clean election Rev. Beau, Convenor Clean Election Campaign (CEC) asserted that Clean Election Campaign is a movement initiated by the NBCC to bring a complete change in the election system in the state of Nagaland. It is not organized to target against any political parties or candidates but to bring big transformation in the election system for peace and prosperity of the state by electing a right leader to lead the Nagas in the right direction. Similarly he informed that the PBCA and the Churches have no hidden agendas either to support or go against any political parties and candidates.

            Rev. Beau said our outward activities will be clean when our inner thoughts and ways are pure and cited that we must clean our kitchen first before cleaning our society. Asserting that transformation of society requires consolidate effort of all he appealed to the gathering to come forward to actively participate in the Clean Election Campaign for a bright and prosperous Nagaland. He also asserted that according to the Holy Scripture only true love, peace unity and forgiveness we can change our state.

            Pointing out that Clean Election Campaign is God’s Mission, voting for money and job is wrong to transform the system he said politics means not to influence with money power but to provide good governance with better roads, health care, education and all-round development of the community. Therefore, he urged the people to stand for the truth and fear not one except God to cast their vote for the true leader to lead our people for complete transformation of Naga society.

            Reflection on commitment and looking beyond tomorrow was delivered by N. Tialemba Phom Executive Secretary, PBCA while Keynote address was delivered by Nganlang President, PBCA. Invocation was pronounced by Rev. Longnyei, Evangelist PBCA and the program was chaired by Phakmei, Co-convenor CEC. The program culminated with mass prayer for peace & tranquility. Demonstration of EVM &VVPAT was done by the District Election Department, Longleng after the program. Free leaflet on clean election was also distributed to the people. .

                                                                                    (DPRO, Longleng)


            Referring to the directives of the ECI to all electors for producing identity documents for establishing their identity before casting their votes DC Tuensang has directed all Administrative Officers Tuensang District to ensure for issuing of necessary directives to the Village Council Chairman / GBs under their respective jurisdiction for wide publicity in their respective villages.

            The President, Pastors Union Tuensang Town, has also been requested to inform all Pastors in Tuensang District to announce the Public Notice in their respective Churches on 7th April 2019 (Sunday) accordingly.



            On the final day of the Aoleang cum Mini Hornbill Festival 2019, the Konyak women folk made an attempt to set Guinness World Records for Largest Traditional Konyak Dance Display.  More than 4000 women folk, both young and old, from more than 115 villages took part in the record attempt on 5th April 2019 at local ground Mon.

            Core committee members of the record attempt stated that such attempt was to put Konyak tradition in the global platform and to make a foot print of the rich culture, tradition and heritance of Konyak, and to promote tourism hub in the region. Attempted record breaking largest traditional dance lasted for more than 05 (five minutes).

            President, Eastern Nagaland Women’s Organisation, Ayong Chang who was present as the Guest of Honour stated that, “Empowering women for cultural heritage has got rich dividends as women do play an important and crucial role in maintaining the social, economic and cultural health of the community”. Women in indigenous communities are important producers and re-producers of family life, thus carrying out a significant role in transmitting cultural values to future generations. The creativity of women is essential to the continuity and revitalization of intangible cultural expressions, she added.

            Stating that, ENWO is fortunate and blessed to have KNSK as one of the leading tribal apex bodies, she expressed confidence that by the virtue of their continued support and cooperation, the ENWO will continue to gain more strength and confident to work for the women community of Eastern Nagaland.

            She further called upon the women folk to re-dedicate themselves to commit and strengthen and resolve to safeguard our rich history and culture, by further strengthening and empowering womenfolk.

  1. Neshe Bongkhao, who was the special guest, congratulated the World Record organisers and participants saying that the attempt itself is an achievement. She appreciated the courage, effort and pain taken to bring the women through heritage. She also urged the women folk to continue pushing their versatile talent, face the challenges of life with confidence and with wisdom to choose the battles and not forgetting the women’s power to transform the society.

            In the early days women and girls were kept as house wife or helpers without much respect in society and elsewhere, she added. But now women can be seen rising in education and getting involved in the society, she stated and called upon all to stand in unity in words, work and action in taking the tribe forward to the world at large.

            Her highness, Angun, Angh-ya of Chi, invoked traditional blessings.

            The event was organised by Konyak Union, Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong and Konyak Students Union.

                                                                                    (DPRO & K.K.Chim, IA Mon)


            SDAO Pughoboto distributed 900 Nos of Kuroiler Chicks to 50 beneficiaries of Chishilimi village under PMKSY 2018-19 at its office on 5th April 2019.

            SDAO Myanthung Patton encouraged the farmers to take up livestock for self-sufficiency as well for commercial purpose. He also highlighted that the project was initiated to improve farm productivity to generate more income for their livelihood.

                                                                                                (APRO Pughoboto)