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Naga News

DIPR Naga News (15.10.2020)


Minister for  Planning & Coordination, Land Revenue, Neiba Kronu and Advisor, IT, Science & Technology, NRE, Mmhonlumo Kikon addressed the media after the Consultative Meeting on Naga Political Issue called by the Government of Nagaland at the Nagaland Civil Secretariat Conference Hall, Kohima on 15th October, 2020.

Minister, Neiba stated that a long and fruitful Consultative Meeting with various stakeholders of Nagaland was held at the State Banquet Hall, Chief Minister’s Residential Complex, Kohima earlier in the day. He pointed out that participants including prominent leaders, intellectuals, senior citizens and civil societies of the Naga society shared their views and thoughts on the Naga political issue.

Advisor, Mmhonlumo informed that more than 200 representatives attended the consultative meeting and after thorough discussion and deliberation a resolution was passed.

            The full text of the resolution in the Consultative Meeting on Naga Political Issue is as follows:

“Resolution passed in the Consultative Meeting on Naga Political Issue called by Government of Nagaland on 15th October, 2020 at 1000 Hrs in the State Banquet Hall, Chief Minister’s Residential Complex, Kohima.

The State Government of Nagaland held a Consultative Meeting of tribal hohos, mass based organisations, civil societies, church organisations, political parties, NGOs and prominent individuals, to discuss the Naga Political Issue and the ongoing political negotiations and peace talks between the Government of India and the Naga nationalist political organisations on 15th October, 2020 at the State Banquet Hall, Chief Minister’s Residential Complex, Kohima.

After an intensive and extensive deliberations and discussions, the House unanimously adopted the following resolutions:

  1. Appreciate the Government of India for acknowledging the Unique History of the Nagas and for recognising the Naga issue as a political issue.
  2. Acknowledges the sacrifices and contributions of the nationalist workers in the course of the Naga political journey and towards the Naga political cause.
  3. Expresses gratitude to the civil societies and the church for consistent support towards the Naga cause and making constant efforts towards reconciliation and oneness.
  4. Affirm our commitment to continuously work towards a political settlement based on Naga historical and political rights to determine our future on the unique history and position of the Nagas.
  5. Urges the Naga political groups to honour and respect the Covenant of Reconciliation and maintain the sanctity of non-violence in letter and spirit for a Shared Naga Future as members of One Naga Family.
  6. Appealed to the negotiating groups to come together under a spirit of oneness, mutual trust and understanding with sincerity and commitment towards achieving One Solution for One People as early as possible.
  7. Affirmed to relentlessly work in a collective and unified manner with one voice so as to facilitate the peace process and strengthen the negotiations for early realisationof the desired One Solution in a transparent manner which is acceptable and honourable.”

                                                                                    (Akummeren & Siizo Kikhi, IA)


Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer Kohima, Mohammed Ali Shihab. A IAS has informed that the General Observer for the Bye-Election to the 14 Southern Angami I (ST) Assembly Constituency, S K Pradhan (IAS) has arrived at Kohima on 14th October 2020.

Political parties, Candidates and General Public have been informed that the General Observer can be contacted at the number 9863344217 for any election related matters. Also, the General Observer can be met between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM on any working day at Hotel Japfu, P.R. Hill, Kohima.

(DPRO, Kohima)



The monthly meeting of Kohima District Planning & Development Board was held at DPDB’s Conference Hall, Kohima on 15th October 2020. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of new Deputy Commissioner, Kohima Mohammed Ali Shihab. A IAS.

Welcoming the members in his first DPDB meeting, the Ali Shihab said that it was a privilege and honour to work with all the dedicated and sincere officers of Kohima district. He said that DPDB is an important platform where various issues can be discussed with holistic views by the members, he therefore requested them to take it seriously and attend the meeting regularly. He hoped that the platform would be fruitful for the betterment and upliftment of all round development of the district. He further sought full cooperation of each member in the present task of combating with COVID pandemic and conducting the Election and also in all the development activities of the district.

In regard to the forthcoming Bye-Election to 14th Southern Angami I A/C, DC urged each and every member of DPDB to sensitize the people in their respective areas to follow the protocols and SOPs strictly for prevention of the COVID disease. He also called upon all concerned to take their responsibilities and challenges effectively to have free, fair and safe Election in the district.

The Board also took up the agenda on recasting of Iconic project under 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 and further decided to approve  as follows:  under 15th Southern Angami-II A/C –  “Construction of Rostrum at R. Khel, Viswema” to be replaced with “Construction of Waiting Shed”;  under 10th Northern Angami-I A/C – “Children’s Park at Ziekezou Kohima Village” to be replaced with “Approach Road from Kohima Village Ground to Government Primary Health Centre at Ziekezou Kohima Village” and under 2020-2021 “Connection of road from Potter Lane to A.G road” to be replaced with “Completion of Pay and Use Toilet, Opposite Ao Church” under 9th Kohima Town A/C.

(DPRO, Kohima)


The Chief Secretary Nagaland, J.Alam, IAS has notified that the existing guidelines issued with regard to partial re-opening of schools for students of Class 9 to 12 on a voluntary basis and Skill or Entrepreneurship Training Institutes/ Centres in the State vide order of even number dated 18thSeptember, 2020 shall continue to remain operative in the State till further orders.

(SiizoKikhi IA)


The District Administration and District Task Force on COVID-19, Mokokchung has stated that the All Ward Union, Mokokchung Town, Mokokchung Town Aoer Telongjem and Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem has issued a document titled ‘Information’ dated 14/10/2020 whereby it is mentioned under Clause 1 that ‘Educational institutions (schools/colleges/training centers) and religious places are advised not to open till the end of October 2020″ and under Clause 4 that “Any person entering Mokokchung Town and its 18 Wards from other districts/states should produce a COVID-19 Negative report or report to concern authority without which no one will be allowed to enter.”

The Govt of Nagaland has issued SOP for partial reopening of schools of Classes 9 to 12 and permission for skill or entrepreneurship training institution/centers vide Order NO.CSO/GAB- 1/2020 Dated Kohima the 18th September 2020, Order of Even No dated 15th October 2020 and SOP for opening of Religious place/places of worship for public Vide Order NO.CSO/GAB- I/COM/GEN-1/2020 Dated Kohima the 10th of June 2020.Govt of Nagaland has issued new consolidated guidelines on lockdown measures vide Order NO CSO/GAB-I/COM/GEN-1/2020(B) Dated Kohima the 31st of August 2020 whereby it is stated in Clause K in Para iv that “…..outside the containment zones, no order shall be issued imposing any additional or stricter lockdown measures at District/Sub District/ Circle or any other level; except with the previous approval of the Government.”

The Government of Nagaland has issued revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for returnees and travellers entering Nagaland vide Notification No.NSDMA-ER-COVID-19/301/2020 (pt-II) Dated Kohima the 9th of September 2020 whereby it clearly states under Clause K titiled  ‘Implementation of the SOP’ that:

  1. This SOP will be uniformly implemented throughout the state without any deviation and will not be modified by District Task Force, Urban Local Bodies, Village Authorities or Community based organization.
  2. Violators of this SOP will be penalized as per the relevant section of the Disaster Management Act 2005, and the Nagaland Epidemic Disease (COVID-19) Regulations 2020.

Therefore in exercise of the powers conferred under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, the Nagaland Epidemic Disease (COVID-19) Regulations 2020, Disaster Management Act 2005 the said document titled ‘Information’ Dated 14/10/2020 jointly issued by the All Ward Union, Mokokchung Town, Mokokchung Town AoerTelongjem and Mokokchung Town LanurTelongjen is unauthorised and deemed as illegal. This was stated in an order by the DC Mokokchung.



Peren District Task Force for Covid-19 meeting was held on 13th October 2020 at Deputy commissioner Chambers, District Headquarter, New Peren.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of DC Peren, Sentiwapang Aier (NCS) who is also the Chairman of the DTF Peren.

On reviewing of COVID-19 status in the District Dr.Lanuakum Dy.CMO Peren presented detailed account of the present scenario and activities being undertaken including contact tracing.

 Due to lack of further funding, utilization of Center Point Hotel for Medical staff quarantine  in Jalukie could not be continued for which Dr. Hedungkiebe and EAC Jalukie, C. Wangan were entrusted to negotiate for alternative arrangement at the earliest

The Board also directed all the Sub-division Task force to issue advisories to all concern village authority/ ward chairman in their respective jurisdiction for immediate reporting on arrival who have bypassed the screening process and ensure that existing SOPs is adhered.

The DTF nominated Kemciyile SDO (C) as the officer in-charge of Covid-19 in Peren District and entrusted her to look out for additional Covid Care Centre (CCC) at New Peren, District Headquarter area as a part of preparedness to face any eventuality.

Concerning market congestion in Jalukie Town ADC Jalukie, Dr.Tinojongshi Chang was entrusted to work out necessary measurements for adherence of SOPs.The Board notified that free Covid-19 Test will be done on case to case basis and random free test shall not be provided to any institution in the District.

After having much deliberation on the need to start alternative Non-Covid essential services in Jalukie the DTF has decided to resume OPD and other essential services at CHC Jalukie besides the Covid Hospital except Indoor and delivery services while AINE Nursing Home will cater Indoor patients and delivery points will continue at Samziuram & Mhainamtsi  Sub- Centers.

The Sub Committee for Non-Covid Hospital was directed to work out the modalities at the earliest.

(DPRO & Eto Kauring, IA Peren)


Sakhi-One Stop Centre (OSC) and Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) under the Department of Social Welfare, Peren, organised an Awareness Seminar at Police New Reserve, Peren Town on 15th of October 2020.

The program was led by Women Coordinator, Police Baptist Church, Recasile. District Coordinator, PMMVY cell Peren District, Keyizieteing Ndang gave a brief introduction about the PMMVY scheme and also spoke on the importance of getting timely medical checkup during pregnancy and after childbirth. Ndang in his speech said consumption of alcohol and use of tobacco during pregnancy increases the chance of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disability. He also dwelt on the importance of exclusive breast feeding for the first 6 (six) months after childbirth and its advantages and the importance of timely vaccination and how it helps in reducing infant mortality rate.

IT Staff Sakhi-One Stop Centre (OSC), Akosi Khate gave a brief highlight about what OSC and 181 is, its functions and the services they provide. He also spoke on the 10 (Ten) legal rights of women and how women should be aware of them to stand up for themselves in the future.

Pastor Police Baptist Church Peren, Dr. Hiazuheing Ndang thanked the Social Welfare team for coming and enlightening the police community on the various schemes the Government is providing to help Women in the society.

Case Worker Sakhi-One Stop Centre, Peheilusile Haisobe and Counsellor, Sakhi-One Stop Centre, Grace Newmai enlightened the police personnel about the various schemes for women, Sakhi-One Stop Centre, Women Helpline 181, 10 (Ten) legal rights for women and how to avail the services provided.

(DPRO & IA, Peren)


In view of the further amendments in the Notification S.O.444(E), dated 12th June, 1989 of Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India, the Government of Nagaland has notified on the addendum of the following provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

  1. Provided also that in all cases the letters and figures shall be painted in reflecting colours and shall be shown.
  2. Class of vehicles mentioned in the Table below shall have the Alpha numeric colour and Background colour as indicated in each column.

(1) (2) (3) (4)
1. Non Transport Black White
2. Transport Black Yellow
3. Transport Vehicles under Rent- a- Cab Yellow Black
4. Transport Vehicles under Rent- a- Cab (Battery Operated) Black Green
5. Battery Operated Vehicle Non Transport White Green
6. Battery Operated Vehicle Transport Yellow Green
7. Diplomat consular/ Dip Mission White Deep Blue
8. Consular Post (registration mark consisting of Letter “CC”/“UN”/ “IOC”) Yellow Deep Blue
9. Home Based non diplomatic Official of diplomatic mission or consular post (registration mark consisting of Letter “CD”/”UN”/”IOD”) White Light Green
10 Vehicles with Temporary Registration Red Yellow
11 Vehicles in Possession of Dealers White Red



In the interest of public health and safety and as a measure of abundant caution in view of prevailing COVID-19 situation the Deputy Commissioner Tuensang, Kumar Ramnikant IAS has issued an order on 15th October 2020 that the following houses were sealed till further notice. No authorized entry /exit to /from the sealed houses shall be allowed during the sealed period. All occupants of the sealed houses are to abide by health safety measures issued by the Government from time to time in relation with COVID – 19 pandemic. Essential goods /needs for the occupants of the sealed houses shall be arranged by the ward/sector /colony concerned. The following houses were –

  1. House no.68 from officers colony A (R.P Gate)
  2. House no. 2 and East wind hotel both from Bazaar A.

Any violation of the above shall invite legal actions as per provision of the Law.

(DPRO Tuensang)



In order to take effective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, DC & Chairman DDMA, Dimapur, Rajesh Soundararajan, has ordered temporary sealing of the area defined and bounded below at A-Khel at Diphupar village, opposite Central Jail, Dimapur, with immediate effect till further order.

Any person violating the contentment measures will be liable to be proceeded as per the provisions of Section 51-60 of the Disaster Management Act 2005 besides legal action under Section-188 of the IPC, he cautioned.

Demarcated area:

  1. 1. North- Colony Approach Road
  2. South- Niuland Road
  3. 3. East- Government High School, Road
  4. West- NH-29

(Watimenla IA Dimapur)


ADC Jalukie, Dr. Tinojongshi Chang has notified that in view of the detection of COVID-19 positive persons through Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and in order to take preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 as per the SOP issued by the Government Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Jalukie sealed the ADM Company Barrack No.2 9th NAP (IR) HQ.Saijang under Athibung Sub- Division with effect from 14th October 2020 till further order.

All the public and all concern have been advised to follow all safety precautions, especially within the proximity of the sealed area.

ADC cautioned that any persons violating the orders will be liable to be proceeded as per the provisions of section 51-60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 besides legal actions under section-188 of the IPC.

(DPRO Peren)


            Online Registration Portal Class VI for Jawahar Navodaya Vidalaya (JNV) Selection Test – 2021 for the Academic Session 2021-2022 has been opened. The process for submission of application for JNV Selection Test has been simplified through Online process. Registration can be done free of cost through the Admission Portal of NVS linked through www.navodaya.gov.in.  The last date to submit Online Application is 30th November 2020. Test will be held on 10th April 2021 (Saturday) at 11:30 A.M in one phase for all Jawahar Navodaya Vidalayas.

The result of JNV Selection Test 2021 is expected to be announced by June 2021. Verification of proof for residence, age, eligibility etc. will be done for selected candidates through the laid down procedure after the declaration of results.

The result will also be displayed in the offices of Jawahar Navodaya Vidalayas, District Education Officer, District Magistrate, Deputy Commissioner, the website of the JNV Samiti while concern Principal of JNV will also inform the selected candidates through SMS on the registered Mobile number followed by Speed Post.

(Lanukaba, IA Mokokchung)


The full text is as follows:

“A total of 76 COVID-19 positive cases have been detected today – 38 in Kohima, 11 in Dimapur, 1 in Mokokchung, 5 in Mon, 3 in Peren, 15 in Tuensang and 3 in Zunheboto. The total number of positive cases in the State now stands at 7,492.

Out of the 7,492 positive cases, the total recoveries so far are 5955. The active cases are 1,448 and there have been 17 deaths. As per the severity of symptoms, 1,394 active cases are asymptomatic, 40 active cases are mild, 10 active cases are moderate on oxygen, 2 active case is critical with oxygen and 2 active cases are on ventilators.

Further, out of 7,492 positive cases, the distribution across various categories of people are: 3,395 cases of Armed Forces/ Police, 1,586 cases of Returnees, 2,134 cases of Traced Contacts and 377 cases of Frontline Workers.

A total of 56,196 samples have been sent for testing through RT-PCR and results of 54,898 samples have been received. In addition, a total 30,932 samples have been sent for testing on Truenat and results of 30,862 samples have been received. Through Rapid Antigen Test 2,699 samples have been tested.”