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DIPR Naga News (12.01.2021)


The State Task Force (STF) held its second meeting on Covid-19 vaccine, under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, Amardeep Singh Bhatia, at the Directorate of Health and Family Welfare, Kohima on 12thJanuary 2021.

Chairman STF in his opening remarked stated that the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccination is scheduled from 16th January 2021 for which all preparations are on track. He informed that the vaccination in Nagaland will be in phase wise and in this regard he urged all the concerned departments to actively participate in the vaccination drive and also to disseminate clear instructions in all the districts.

He also said that for the vaccination of prioritized beneficiaries in the initial first phase of COVID-19 vaccination (including health care workers of the state govt, central govt and armed force) 26500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine are being supplied by the M/s Serum Institute of India to Nagaland.

The meeting deliberated on the roll out of the vaccine in the first phase and the role of all stakeholders in the state-wide campaign in this regard.

The meeting also discussed COVID-19 vaccination state preparedness districts wise and also the specific roles of all departments’, faith based organization and also the role of directorate of information and public relations for appropriate awareness and IEC activities.

Dr.Ritu Thurr SIO presented power pointed presentation on Operational guidelines for COVID -19 vaccination.

                                                                                                (Esuihangle, IA)


The office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E) Nagaland, Kohima has informed that it has changed its office Website link “” to “”.

Therefore, all the interested persons have been requested to use the link for accessing the Principal Accountant General (A&E) Nagaland, Kohima website.



The Puanglum Cum Mini Hornbill festival 2021 was held at Loyem Memorial Ground, Tuensang organized by The Chang Khulei Setshang (Chang Tribal Council). The Fest Patron of the celebration was Kumar Ramnikant IAS Deputy Commissioner Tuensang and the tribal Guest was M. Thangou President Khiamiungan Tribal Council. The theme of the celebration “Qui Qui” means highly exalted. The heralding of the Puanglum festivity was proclaimed by S. Chingmak 2nd GB P/ Khel Tuensang Village.

Speaking on the occasion the DC said that the festival is a good opportunity for fostering brotherhood between the neighbours and within the community. He stated that Tuensang District is like a mother from where other districts are being bifurcated and thus should act like a leader in every field with good values. Forget and forgive should be our theme while celebrating the festival, he added.

The Tribal Guest M. Thangou President Khiamniungan Tribal Council in his short speech said that Chang and Khiamniungan are like brothers since time immemorial and encouraged the younger generation to abstain from abusive substances and head towards a progressive society.

Bharat Lakshman Markad IPS SP Tuensang encouraged the people not to be lazy and to have a commitment and passion to.

Nungsang Lemba, President CKS encouraged the gathering to have forgiveness in their attitude, peace and cooperative nature with the neighbours so that the district will grow as a progressive society.

Welcome address was given by P. Ngamen Convenor Planning Committee. The CKS awarded its first Chang Puanglum Qui Qui award to Neiphiu Rio, the Chief Minister of Nagaland in recognition of his vision in promoting Naga Culture & Tradition through Hornbill Festivals and for making Naga festivals cognizant to the international community.

The CKS also awarded its Qui Qui award to Kumar Ramnikant IAS for rendering public service of highest quality and for earnestly striving towards containing the spread of COVID 19 pandemic in the district.

Khaimniungan Tribal Council was also awarded for the achievement in upgrading Noklak as a district and fulfilling the aspirations of the Khiamniungan community. The Planning Community Puanglum also awarded the Qui Qui award to Chang Khulei Setshang for rendering able leadership to the Chang Community.

(Thungti Chang, IA Tuensang)


A Multi Public Utility Centre in Dimapur District Hospital was inaugurated by Rev. Kari Longchar, on 11th January 2021.

The utility centre was constructed and donated by Dimapur Area Ao Churches & Civil Societies Co-ordination Committee on COVID-19 as a token of reciprocation and tribute to everyone who had contributed towards the successful management of the Quarantine Centres, a by-product of managing three quarantine centres at Dimapur Government College from June 1-20, 2020.

Speaking at the inaugural programme, Convenor, Co-ordination Committee, Supo Jamir, who termed the year 2020 as darkest year in the history of mankind, said that when the world was filled with darkness and chaos, the Dimapur area So churches and civil societies support three quarantine centres for which numerous individual and organisations donated in terms of cash and kind exceeded the needed amount and the quarantinees in return also donated rupees 43,361 which was also used in setting up the Multi Public Utility Centre. Supo, also mentioned planting of 100 member of trees by the returnees to commemorate the World Environment Day on June 5th 2020 which was reported to be growing well.

Convenor also requested the hospital authority to use the facilities with maximum care.

The Medical Superintendent of the District Hospital Dimapur, Dr. Keveduyi Theyo, giving a note of appreciation said that it was not the first time the community had contributed towards the society and reminded of a shed that was constructed in the hospital premises by DABA, which is still in use. He assured that the centre would be properly maintained and added that a committee would be formed to look after the maintenance of the facility under the leadership of Dr. Temsu.

The Utility Centre provides four toilets, two bathrooms, UV purified drinking water point, hand and face washing booths, mobile phone charging points and a spacious resting shed.

The inaugural programme was chaired by President, Dimapur area So Baptist Pastors’ fellowship, N. Lipok Jamir while dedicatory prayer was offered by Rev. Kari Longchar.

(Watimenla, IA Dimapur)


The Angami Gazetted Officers Krotho organized a dedicatory programme for the newly refurbished conference hall of the APO building at Kohima on 12th January 2021.

Advisor, AGOK, Daso Paphino stressed on the history of the construction of the APO building which initially started in 2006 and was completed in 2009. He mentioned that with the contribution from every source the building could be completed on time. He apprised on the importance of a community building and how it signifies and reflects the image of a tribe and appealed to the people to conserve and utilize it resourcefully.

Vice President, Angami Public Organization, K.T Vilie Theiinuo stated that without AGOK, APO stands feeble. He also appreciated the AGOK for working and contributing selflessly for the betterment of the Angamis in general.

In the programme Director ABCCTK, Rev. Vicavor Krose offered the Dedicatory prayer of the newly refurbished conference hall. President APO as well as Chairperson of the programme, Dr. Kedozeto Punyii highlighted on the renovation works and the expenditures incurred during the construction of the conference hall.

(Siizo Kikhi IA)


The Kohima District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) will hold its first monthly meeting on 15th January 2021 at 10:00 AM in the DPDB’s conference hall. In this regard, all DPDB members have been requested to attend the meeting without fail.

Agendas if any from the members may be submitted to the Secretary DPDB well ahead of the meeting day.

(DPRO, Kohima)


The Zunheboto District Planning and Development Board was held on 12th January 2021 at Deputy Commissioner’s conference hall under the chairmanship of Advisor, School Education and chairman DPDB, K T.Sükhalu.

The main agenda discussed at the meeting was on the construction of two lane road by Mathucan company, to which, they were pre informed to present the details on issues like the progress till date, workmanship, stipulated time for the completion of the project, etc. The company through their representatives informed that, so far 43 percent of the project have been completed and earmarked the completion of the project by 12th March 2022.The company also assured the board that the quality of the ongoing works is as per the specifications of the guidelines and nothing shall be compromised.

In regard of the town roads(city plan), chairman firmly reminded that, with the complete compensation to every household in the town area, construction of the roads in the town should speed up comprehensively and should be completed at the earliest.

NHIDCL and PWD presented the details on the ongoing activities at Zunheboto district under their jurisdictions. The board also agreed to approach the government to allocate some funds under EE discretion for maintenance of PWD roads at the district.

Earlier, Dr M.Nukshisanla Jamir mentioned that, Intensified Pulse Immunisation for 0-5 years has been postponed till further direction from the central government. She also informed the board that, there was no COVID positive cases at Zunheboto district as of now, which has been so, for some time now, she added. With the rest of the country, Zunheboto district too successfully conducted the mock drill for COVID-19 vaccination on 8th January, she concluded.

While appreciating the head of offices, Advisor specifically requested the local officers from the Sumi community to be more sincere towards their jobs at the district, and also, all the head of offices to take responsibilities while performing their official duties so as to leave a legacy of developmental works performed during their stay at the district.

Deputy Commissioner informed that, work allocation for the upcoming republic day celebration shall remain as same as the previous year.

(DPRO Zunheboto)



DC and District Election Officer Kohima Mohammed Ali Shihab A has informed that in connection with the final publication of photo electoral roll pertaining to Special Summary Revision as the qualifying date, a meeting will be held on 15th January 2021 at 9:30 AM in the conference Hall office of the DC Kohima. Stating that a copies of Final Roll both hard and soft copies will be handed over to the representatives of recognised political parties during the meeting, the DC has informed all concerned to attend the meeting positively.


(Akamla, IA Kohima)