Naga News


            The afternoon session of the cultural programme was graced by Air Marshal Raghunath Nambir, AVSM VM and BAR, AOC-in- Chief Eastern Air Command and S. Snehalatha Prl. Accountant General, Accounts and Entitlement (TS) Telengana as the honoured guest and the programme was hosted by Minister for PHE, Jacob Zhimomi on 6th December 2018 at kisama Naga Heritage Village

            The various cultural troupe performed at the afternoon session includes Kuki Cultural Troupe (Ozia Vantong Ngoih Tsai song and dance), Phom cultural troupe (Monyu Dhongphu Asho) the folk song of the Phom tribe the Monyu festival is to shower love towards daughters and sisters with men competing to host the best feast for the daughters and sisters and also to share the blessings of daughters of the Phom; Chang cultural   troupe displayed (Sekmo Onet ), a folk song sung by among groups of friends helping each other out in the field to make their work easier and strengthens their work; Garo cultural troupe performed (Rugala Chroka) which was practiced by the ancient A’chiks as a thanks giving for the blessings bestowed by Sun God ‘MISI SALJONG’; Chakhesang cultural troupe (Runye Lu) a folk song sung during the festival of Runye to marked with both ritual purification and celebration, Ao cultural troupe played an indigenous game by youngster of the Ao Naga. The game is also played to determine the ability, agility, flexibility and technique of the youngsters.

            The Chief Guest was accompanied by Deputy CM, Y.Patton and Minister for Higher and Technical Education, Imna Along and other dignitaries.

                                                                                    (Tsuthong IA and Akamla IA)